G2012TR repeater transmitter

The coverage of service pager transmitter G2012TR can up to 3-4km (diameter) with the signal booster. If you want to build a wireless communication region within this rang, look no further.
The frequency of this service pager transmitter is 402-470Mhz. Using our paging software or yours (as it is a flexibility system) , you can send the text message to the alphanumrec pager or watch pager simply.
Sometimes, the region such as hospital, mall, construction site have building, tree to block the signal. Just connect the transmitter with power adapter and fix it in a suitable place. Then it work as a signal booster. It is so simple to booster the range of communication.

★ Software Supported. You can use our software or yours, we have simple interface to use.

★ Flexible to fit any system

★ 7-20VDC power support.

★ USB or 232 port supported.

★ TX Power 2W Max.

★ Can be using as a encoder to fit other transmitter

★ Repeater function.

Frequency range TX: 142-930 MHz

Frequency range RX: 142-930 MHz

Modulation Type: FSK

BPS : 512/1200/2400

Channel Spacing: 12.5/25KHZ

Output Power: 0.5-2W max

Receiver sensitivity: -103DB

Harmonic Radiation: less – 25dBm

Frequency Stability: 5PPM at -10°C~60°C

Output Connect: BNC

Current Consumption Standby : 30mA;

Receive : 30mA;

Transmit:< 1.5A

Dimensions (no ANT): 110*62*22 mm

Weight (no ANT): 230g

Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃

Our paging software:

Software interface protocol:

PC serial port : 9600 BPS

8 bits data

1 stop bit

NO Parity

Receive data format of transmitter:

0x19——–>Start of message

1byte ——>’R’

7 bytes —->capcode ( ascii format ‘0’–>0x30,’1′—>0x31 )

1 byte —->control bit ( bit 7—-> 1

bit 6—-> 1—->Still sending head code after message,0—>Close this function

bit 5,4–> 00–>A TONE,01–>B TONE,10–>C TONE,11–>D TONE,

bit 3—-> 0—->numeric message,1—->Alpha message

bit 2,1–> POCSAG baud 00->512,01—>1200,10–>2400

bit 0—-> Polarity 0—>normal, 1—>reverse


N Bytes —->Content of message , not more than 300 characters,8bit ascii.

0X18——–>Message end



When a message succeed, the transmitter will reply 0x19,”RXOK”,0X18 to PC


Using capcode 1234567,normal,1200BPS,A call send “ABCDEFGH” Send by serial port of PC: 0x19,”R1234567″,0X8A,”ABCDEFGH”,0X18 HEX DATA: 19 52 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 3F 41 42 43 44 45 46 18

G2015TR transmitter--1 G2015TR transmitter--2 G2015TR transmitter--3

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