G2010CP coaster pager

Together with transmitter (G2012TK)
The system consist of a transmitter (G2012TK) for the caller and a receiver(G2010CP) for the one who will be called. When the callers are ready for offering service, he or she just press the number on the keypad to send an ID to the pager. And the people holder the pager will know the information that the dishes or the service are ready to be offered and take it at earlier time.
For example , Customer give order to counter; Counter take order and give customer a G2010CB. Every G2010CP with a number. Customer wait somewhere for order. When Order ready.
For example No.99’s order is ready. Counter can press 99  “send” key from G2012TK. Then G2010CB will beep sound with LED light, vibrate. So Customer will know order is ready and go collect food.

★ PLL or crystal, 402-470Mhz, POCSAG
★ Alert mode: Sound, vibrate, LED.
★ Out of range, low battery alert.
★ OTA setting by recommend transmitter.

Frequency Range: 402-470 MHz
Cap Codes: 8
Receiver Type: Synthesized or Crystal
Baud Rate: 512, 1200, 2400 bps
Paging Sensitivity: -108DB @ 1200 bps
-106DB @ 2400 bps
Channel Spacing: 25 KHz or 12.5KHz
Frequency Deviation: +/-4.5 KHz
Frequency Stability: +/- 10 PPM
Selectivity: > 55dB
Image Rejection: > 52dB
Spurious Rejection: > 55dB
Intermediation: > 50dB
Alert Tone Loudness: 75dB+ @ 12 inch
Weight: 110 g with battery
Dimensions: 105mm (diameter)*16mm (high)
Battery Type: Rechargeable Li battery
Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 50℃



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